Welcome to the Blog

September 26, 2015

​Hey guys,

Thanks for checking out my site… especially my new blog section. I will be posting about my experiences, work, and thoughts on certain things going on in the design community. I will try my hardest to make this a routine thing. I have tried this out before, and it didn’t really work out. But now, I think I have more to say. I have more of a reason to do this. So here’s to wishful thinking. /typical-blog-post-sayings

Although some are a little overdue, I have a few things planned to rant blog about.

  • Design School vs. Designing in the Work Field
  • My First Year of Designing in the Real World
  • Top 10 Graphic Designers’ Tools
  • Social Media for Designers
  • The Importance of Web Developing Experience

Along with these, I will post typical case studies about my client work. Of course every now and then, I will give my opinion on some designs/brands. Like most graphic artists, I love seeing Under Consideration‘s Brand New reviews. If I feel compelled or if there seems to be controversy over a particular project, I will state my opinion. This could give you guys a look into my mindset as a designer.

Until I get around to writing the first blog, follow me on Dribbble, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I’ll post on those sites letting ya’ll know when I write my first entry!