Werk Furniture

Branding & Creative Direction

​Werk Furniture is my senior thesis at the University of Southern Mississippi. While in a woodworking class in 2013, I built a modern wooden lounge chair (the chair I’m sitting in on my website’s “about” page). Though the process of the build, I realized I love the work and planning that was involved with building a practical product. It was the most fun I’d had in a class. When I was generating ideas for my thesis project, I realized I didn’t have to stop the woodworking at that class; I could continue that project by branding a company that specializes in handcrafted wooden furniture.

Werk Furniture is the fictional furniture company that is based in Nashville, Tennessee. It was inspired by the beginnings of the modern design that went into branding Knoll and Herman-Miller. Werk has a unique feature that those previous companies didn’t have. Werk Furniture is a handcrafted wooden furniture. The design is simple by using a light green and darker gray and uses inlays of wood grain. The logo mark is a reversed out ‘W’ with a diamond shape underneath making the 2 dimensional shapes read as 3 dimensional objects. For the entire project, I created a logo mark, logotype, print catalog, website, business suite, delivery truck design, social media start-up, and poster ads.